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palm springs

Tyler's Burgers Palm Springs Ca

Set in a unique 1936 building. TYLER'S became a reality
in 1996. It was my dream and vision to re-create the
hamburger that I fondly remember from my childhood...
it was served up at a popular burger stand on the board-
walk in Venice Beach, California that was owned and
operated by my mother. For me, this became the foundation
of knowing the difference between mediocrity and the best.

The concept was to create a sense of style and simplicity
with the all-American classic, "the burger." Our focus is
on freshness- meat that is ground daily and served on a
toasted bun. And beyond our burger... we also offer
delicious hot dogs, sandwiches, old-fashioned
malts, homemade potato salad, cole slaw,
soups and salads.

In a complex world, there is still a need for
simple, real food and a place to eat that
makes you feel good. So relax, share a
table, meet someone new and interesting,
and complete the energy... but most of
all, ENJOY!


Tyler's Burgers Palm Springs Ca
Tyler's Burgers Palm Springs Ca